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豪华专业桑托库刀。7 英寸。67 层纯日本 VG 10 大马士革钢。包括刀刃盖和抛光毛巾

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为什么选择Vie Belles Luxury Pro Knives?







*由67层纯日本VG 10大马士革钢锻造

* COCOBOLO木质手柄,带镶嵌别针




“ ...表现出色的刀具,并且在我们所有的刀具检查测试中都表现出色。 实际上,到目前为止,我们没有评论过其他刀具

乔·巴特利特(Joe Bartlett)


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Best Santoku I've Seen

I am quite specific about what type of knife I use. I looked at the blade, the handle, the sharpness, the length of the tang ext. When I saw this knife with the Cocobolo handle and full length tang I knew I had to buy it. Its price puts it in the luxury class for professional knives - I've checked and there aren't better ones out there. I just love the feel of good quality wood when I am using a knife. The blade is thin and sharp. The shape of the knife is modeled after the traditional Japanese santoku knives. I really enjoy cutting anything with this knife. The only problem with these types of knives is that they require extra care when using and washing them. Its not the type of knife you put in a dishwasher. Doing this will ruin the handle(the oils the wood has get washed off and it become coarse) and dulls the blade. HAND WASH ONLY. I do this with all my knives anyways so it wasn't any extra effort. Would really recommend this to any knives enthusiast that is looking for a new main knife for their kitchen.

This is exactly what we like to hear! As always, we deliver only the best!

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